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Three and 1/2 Decades of Excellence


Agileyx Labs Corp. was founded by Richard A. Peters in 1988 with a mission to serve telecommunications firms, and Mary A. Coffee came on board in 1990 to expand the line of business into Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software sales, consulting, development and training.  While we have started a few hobby businesses throughout the years (a flight school training private & commercial pilots, and the largest scrapbook store in the U.S.), we have always come back to our technological roots.  Rick's patent #8830987 for IP-Based Call Answering Point Selection and Routing helped us obtain $27M in funding for VIXXI Solutions, and after that exit in 2008, we jumped headfirst into cybersecurity and haven't looked back.


We have extensive experience with large enterprises, mid-market, and emerging companies in multiple industries and have provided applications, data and infrastructure by designing comprehensive security solutions across physical and virtual environments, the datacenter, mobile workforces, and cloud computing.  Our value-driven approach and commitment to excellence fosters positive business outcomes for our clients. This commitment has resulted in many long term client relationships that extend back to the founding of our company.

A Kimberly Clark healthcare spin-off

W.R. Berkley Insurance Group

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